Editorial Team

General Editor (Articles, Research Notes, and Commentaries): Dr. Peter Kikkert

Dr. Kikkert is the Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic Policy in the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government and Assistant Professor in the Public Policy and Governance program at St. Francis Xavier University. His research focuses on safety, security, sovereignty, and governance issues in the polar regions.

Editor (Book Reviews): Dr. Faye Kert

As a former public servant, Dr. Kert spent a number of years in Communications and Education for the Museum of Canadian History and the Canadian War Museum, as well as working as an underwater archaeologist for Parks Canada. She spent three summers working on a 16th-century Basque whaling ship in Red Bay, Labrador. Other wreck sites include the Dutch East India Company wreck Hollandia (1977) and the Tudor ship, Mary Rose (1980). She is an independent historian specializing in privateering, especially during the War of 1812. She had published a number of articles and book chapters, as well as Prize and Prejudice: Privateering and Naval Prize in Atlantic Canada in the War of 1812 (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Research in Maritime History, No. 11); Trimming Yankee Sails; Pirates and Privateers of New Brunswick (University of New Brunswick, Military History Series);  Privateering: Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812 (Johns Hopkins University Press). Dr. Kert has been the Book Review Editor for The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord since 2003.

Production Editor: Walter Lewis

Walter Lewis served in the 1980s and 1990s as a member of the editorial board of FreshWater, the historical journal published by the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston. He has been a member of CNRS since 1984, a member of the executive since 2012, and the production editor of The Northern Mariner / le marin du nord since 2015.

Past Editors:

Dr. William Glover was the editor of The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord from volume 11, issue 3 (in succession to Skip Fischer to volume XVI issue 2, when he was succeeded by Roger Sarty). He returned to the editor's chair (articles) with volume 25, issue 3, and passed on his duties after completing volume 30, issue 4. 

Editorial Board

Roger Sarty, Waterloo, Ontario (Chair)

Richard Gimblett, Port Hope, Ontario (Vice Chair)

Alicia Caporaso, New Orleans, Louisiana

Andrew Cook, Fife, UK

Serge Durflinger, Gatineau, Quebec

Roy Fenton, London, UK

Cheryl Fury, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Matthew Heaslip, Portsmouth, UK

Ingo Heidbrink, Norfolk, Virginia

Anna Gibson Holloway, Washington, DC

Olaf Janzen, Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Christopher McKee, Chicago, Illinois

Lincoln Paine, Portland, Maine

James C. Rentfrow, Annapolis, Maryland

Margaret Schotte, Toronto, Ontario

Michael Moir, Toronto, Ontario (ex officio)

Errolyn Humphreys, Ottawa, Ontario (ex officio)